As a socially responsible company and a major player in the logistics sector, at the HOPPS Group we are well aware of the importance of the goals set up in the National Low-Carbon Strategy goals.

To support the approach undertaken by the Group’s major brands, HOPPS has decided to take a series of commitments…

In this context, the group is making the following commitments:
  • Control its energy consumption of significant sources of emissions related to buildings, I.T. and transport.
  • Continuously monitor and improve performance indicators and processes related to energy. Goals and indicators will be assessed and updated annually.
  • Obtain the certification in 2021/22 for its subsidiaries: Adrexo, Colis Privé & Dispéo.
  • Reduce our energy consumption, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions by implementing a low-carbon action plan.
  • Take into account energy performance criteria in the Group’s purchasing processes.
  • Implement alternative distribution and delivery solutions with lesser ecological impact.
  • Pay attention to stakeholders, particularly on performance energy investments that allow energy savings.
  • Make all Group’s employees and sub-contractors committed to sustainable development by promoting environmentally friendly best practices.
  • Respect and anticipate legal and regulatory requirements in force.
The Group management is committed to being a driving force in this project. The Management is committed to ensuring that information will be made available, and all the necessary means and resources will be on hand to achieve our energy policy goals.



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