Our primary objective is to reduce the time spent on preparing orders, which is why Dispeo uses a variety of methods :

  • Mechanization
  • Goods to man solutions to minimize employee trips back and forth,
  • An up-to-date and constantly reviewed warehouse design layout,
  • A permanent process review is carried out by a dedicated team whose objective is to bring continuous improvement to our sites and customers’ activities : by reducing the number of operations, optimizing surface areas, multi-tasking, prioritizing orders, and through ongoing monitoring and re-planning of activities.

  • However, consumer demands go beyond quality and speed : personalization sets us apart. This additional strength is in Dispeo’s genes, as a result of our past as a traditional catalogue-based mail-order retailer. We can provide you with :

  • special types of package formats
  • inserting promotional material in packaging
  • inserting samples in packaging

Our range of value-added operations would not be complete without kitting : often used for promotional operations, it is also an asset to set oneself apart, or to help sell isolated products which have been reintegrated into batches. Specific workshops are available to organize production runs according to your specifications.

E-commerce logistics is also series logistics : subscription boxes, for both food and non-food sectors, is something we’ve been doing for long time now, for which we have developed processes and production facilities that allow us to send mass shipments of boxes with components sent to us separately by our customers within a very short time.

Lastly, Dispeo is able to respond very proactively in terms of stock management according to seasonality and other peaks in activity : Cybermonday, Blackfriday, Christmas, Summer or Winter sales, etc…


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