POS fulfilement & sales campaigns

To guarantee optimum deployment of your operations to your points of sale or sales forces, we offer you tailor-made logistics combined with local support.

You’ll benefit from Dispeo’s logistical expertise in network management, developed for major franchises, chains, brands and supermarket chains. What’s more, a Customer Relations Manager located at the heart of the production teams will guarantee you optimum follow-up and responsiveness for your operations.

Our logistics sites are designed to offer you a high degree of flexibility and access to pooled resources in order to best serve the commercial development of your brand and optimise your budgets.

Logistics for your points of sale
. Commercial operations
. Events
. Network renovation

Examples: displays, samples, posters, goodies, supplies, work clothes, health and safety products,

Logistics for your sales and field forces
. Commercial operations
. Technical equipment

Tailor-made services
. Day-to-day advice and support from our Customer Service
. Ordering extranet for points of sale / sales forces

Improve your network logistics? Optimise your budgets?


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